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UV And CO2 Differences

What is Laser Printing?

Laser printing, also referred to as laser etching, laser marking or laser writing, is used in the pharmaceutical industry to imprint a logo or other identifying mark onto the surface of a soft gelatin capsule or tablet. In the pharmaceutical industry, it’s important that your products be clearly labeled. Our printers allow you to add your name, logo, dosage, or any other identifying information to your products. With pinpoint precision, the quality and crispness of our laser printers is unparalleled. We use two types of laser printers UV and CO2. UV and CO2 laser printing might seem like they are the same but they have a few differences about them that can change the design entirely.

The Differences

UV Laser Writer


  • The UV Laser Writer can laser write an alphanumeric, logo or trademark on a tablet, soft gelatin capsule, or caplet only containing titanium dioxide (TiO2)
  • TiO2 changes the color of the lasered area

CO2 Laser Writer

  • The CO2 Laser Writer can laser write an alphanumeric, trademark logo, or symbol, soft gelatin capsule, or caplet.
  • The print is etched into the product


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We offer both UV and CO2 Laser writers. We pride ourselves on designing the best machines for our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about further information on our laser writers.