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Print, Inspect, and Reject with Ease!

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At R.W. Hartnett, we believe that nothing is more important than the quality of your mark on your printed pharmaceutical products.

That’s why we offer our Vision Inspection and Single-Unit Rejection System for all of our pharmaceutical printers and laser writers. The system uses two cameras to visually verify print quality and accuracy. Any pieces that are deemed unsatisfactory are rejected, ensuring that the integrity of your mark is maintained on all of your printed products.

How the Vision Inspection System Works

The Vision Inspection System is equipped with two cameras that scan both sides of every tablet or capsule that passes by. Based on a standard that has been pre-programmed into the HMI, mark quality is graded and each unit receives a pass or fail score.

“Failing” units are blown off into the rejection bin, while “passing” units continue down the discharge chute to the collection bin.

While the machine is running, you are able to view the images that are captured by the camera in live time, as well as the percentage of accepted and rejected units, from the HMI.

The Vision Inspection System is able to inspect for the following:

  • Print registration
  • Incomplete printing
  • Faded or blurry printing
  • Double printing
  • Ink color
  • Accuracy of laser mark
  • Presence of drilled aperture

Single-Unit Rejection

The Vision Inspection System works in conjunction with our fail safe Single-Unit Rejection System. The rejection system ensures that only quality printed products are accepted to a good bin, while poorly printed products are diverted to a rejection bin. You can rest assured that you are achieving the highest output of the best quality product possible.

Learn More

The Vision Inspection System is compatible with all newer models of our ink printers and laser writers, as well as our laser drill. If you’d like to learn more about the system, please give us a call at 215-969-9190, or email us at