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Model B Printer

The Model B Machine is a user-friendly hard gelatin capsule printer, soft gelatin capsule printer, tablets, pills and lentil printer. With our flood feeding system were able to ensure you get the highest output in a small amount of time.


RW Hartnett Model B Printer

RW Hartnett Model B Printer, Click to enlarge


Features Include:

  • The Model B is capable of printing up to 320,000 units per hour with our carrier bars
  • Capable of printing all capsule sizes
  • Machine sits on four caster wheels allowing it to be mobile




The Model B machine can be used for hard gelatin capsules #5 through #00, soft gelatin capsules, oval and oblong, and all sizes of tablets, pills and lentil. Also the Model B machine is no stranger in the confectionary industry as well.


  • Electric: 220V 20Amp
  • Air: 80 Psi @ 5 scfm



  • Bulk Feeders
  • Ink Viscosity System
  • 21 CFR PART 11

Floor Plan

Floor Plan:

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