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IBM Printing Machine

The IBM Printing Machine, also known as the Model ‘IBM’ Flood Feeder, is a volume printing machine. This machine prints 13-18 rows simultaneously depending on the size and quality of the product. It can reach output rates of 300,000pcs/hr depending on product size and quality.

IBM Printing Machine

RW Hartnett IBM Printing Machine, Click to enlarge



  • Flood feeding system
  • Quick change, custom made Carrier Bar set
  • RW Hartnett Allen-Bradley Control Package
  • Product contact materials are FDA Compliant
  • One touch button for printing operation
  • Stainless steel guards with interlock safety switches
  • Improved printing unit with side removal ink tray
  • Original Design roll and Rubber roll
  • Ability to change rubber roll without losing print registration
  • Delivery chute
  • Tool Kit
  • Instruction manual & comprehensive parts list
  • One year warranty



  • Vision system
  • Bulk hopper Feeder
  • 5 cu. ft. Bulk Hopper made of a stainless steel construction
  • Ink Viscosity System
  • Two-Position Delivery Chute
  • Spare Parts Package
  • Standard IQ / OQ Documentation
  • On Site Training Or Service

Optional Laser Marking:

Two Synrad Firestar Series Lasers Synrad’s Firestar P-100 water cooled lasers are built on technology using a patented hybrid-unstable resonator design. Synrad lasers P-100 series can be operated from a 0-100% duty cycle, with laser power adjusted using a pulse width modulation (PWM) control. The Model “IBM” Laser Marking machine has an average of 200,000 pcs/hr depending on product size, quality and total number of processes performed.

Floor Plan

MODEL-IBM 646 Click to enlarge

IBM Printing Machine

RW Hartnett IBM Printing Machine, Click to enlarge