H-Track Printing Machine – RW Hartnett Company

H-Track Printing Machine

The “H-Track” printing machine has the ability to print 1 side of a caplet or soft gel of any size. This machine can be used for multiple products because of its easy setup and quick change parts. Carrier bars with 6 pockets each, enable this machine to print up to 150,000 units per hour.





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H-Track Machine Includes:

  • CE Compliant
  • A servo driven, easy to use cantilever printing system.
  • A fully mobile enclosed printing unit with interlock safety system.
  • Adjustable ramp feed with bulk hopper
  • Touch screen, Quick change parts allowing easy change over, maintenance and operation.


Printing Capabilities:

  • One (1) Sided Pharmaceutical / Confectionery Product Printer.
  • Circular Printing for Pharmaceutical / Confectionery Product Printer.
  • 6 Pocket Tooling Set, Average Output, 150,000 Per Hour.

Machine Requirements:

  • Electric: 240v 20Amp
  • Air: 80psi @ 5 scfm



  • IQ/OQ Documents
  • Floor Level in-feed bulk hopper
  • Visual Inspection system
  • Visual inspection and rejection system:  Single Sided

Floor Plan

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