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Improving Print Quality and Reducing Waste with our Ink Viscosity System

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Since the early 1900’s, companies of all sizes have relied upon our pioneering approach to satisfy their pharmaceutical printing needs.

Our unique Ink Viscosity Control System is one example of the innovative solutions we are continually providing to remain leaders in the pharmaceutical printing industry. The system enables continuous mixing and recirculation of ink, while maintaining control of viscosity for long periods of time. This innovation improves print quality and reduces ink waste through containment, agitation, and automated response to oxidation.

How The System Works

The R.W. Hartnett Ink Viscosity System is a continuously recirculating system. The ink is constantly moving throughout the machine: from the ink bottle, through the viscosity sensor, in and out of the ink pan, through the pump, and back into the bottle.

The system is comprised of two bottles, one filled with ink and one filled with solvent, which are mixed together to control the viscosity.

Our Ink Viscosity System was designed to be as effortless and user-friendly for the machine operator as possible. The system accepts standard size ink bottles straight from the manufacturer Рsimply open and screw into the viscosity manifold. When the ink pump is started from the HMI, the ink pan will be filled with the correct amount of ink Рno measuring needed! Once print operations are completed, you can easily drain the ink back into the ink bottle with a single press of a button on the HMI.

Want to Learn More?

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