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Employee Spotlight: Janie Young

Welcome to our first installment of our Employee Spotlight!

Each month, we will highlight one of our dedicated employees who work so hard behind-the-scenes to make R.W. Hartnett the company it is today. They may not always get credit on a daily basis, but we truly appreciate them, and we wouldn’t be able to provide our high-quality service and products without them.

Our Employee Spotlight for the month of August is our very own Janie Young. Janie is one of our longest-serving employees. She always comes to work with a smile on her face, and works her heart out day in and day out. Get to know a little bit more about Janie below!

Name: Janie Young

Job Title: Machinist Helper

Years Working for R.W. Hartnett: 29 years

Outside of work, Janie enjoys: going to the movies, drinking the occasional cocktail, and tackling various home improvement projects.

Thank you for all you do Janie! Check back next month for our September employee spotlight.

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  1. Yvette

    Yes, I agree because she is my neighbor & trusted friend! She is a blessing from God Almighty! You should value her because she is one of a kind!

    1. Becky Young

      Yvette, that’s so nice to hear! I work with Janie and I think she’s wonderful. She sure is one of a kind, and she makes the office a happier place!

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