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Women in STEM: Fast Facts [Infographic]

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated each year on August 26 to commemorate the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States’ Constitution. The Amendment, which was added in 1920, grants women the right to vote.

Today we would like to celebrate all of the women in STEM, especially our own female machinists and engineers, as well as those who paved the way for them. In honor of this day, we put together some interesting facts about women in STEM. Read on below!

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What is “STEM”?

Men are 2.5 times more likely than women to graduate with a STEM degree.

According to a 2016 study by the National Science Board, women make up 29% of the science and engineering workforce. Broken down by profession, females account for the following:

– 35% of chemists
– 34% of environmental engineers
– 11% of physicists and astronomers
– 11& of computer hardware engineers

In grades K-12, females and males show an equal interest in STEM classes. However, women go on to earn just 37% of undergraduate degrees in STEM majors.

STEM by the Numbers:
$87k: the average annual salary for STEM occupations
99% of STEM jobs require an undergraduate degree, compared with 36% of non-STEM jobs.
12.5%: Projected growth rate of STEM jobs over the next ten years, compared with 5.2% for non-STEM jobs.

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