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Clean-Up is a Breeze with our Rubber Roll Cleaning System

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When printing on pharmaceutical products, it goes without saying that the cleanliness of the machine is critical. You not only need to thoroughly sanitize each component of the printer between batches to avoid cross contamination, but you also want to maintain a clean surface during operation to ensure you are achieving the best quality print possible.

Did you know that R.W. Hartnett is one of the only manufacturers who offers an Automatic Cleaning System for our pharmaceutical printers?

Our unique Rubber Roll Cleaning System provides a safe and efficient way to clean your machine’s rubber rolls, without operator intervention.

How Our Cleaning System Works

Our rubber roll cleaning system is built right into your machine’s print unit. When the system is manually activated during production, the cleaning head assembly advances until it comes in contact with the rubber roll. A small supply of cleaning solvent is then dispensed onto the cleaning cloth. The cloth is rotated into position and begins spinning, removing excess ink off of the rubber roll.

After the cleaning cycle is complete, the cleaning head then moves back into the guard and the machine continues production.

In addition to manual activation, the cleaning system can also be set to clean automatically. When this setting is activated, the cleaning system will automatically kick in and complete a cleaning cycle after production on the machine has stopped.

The video above shows the cleaning system in action on our IBM printer. Our Delta Printer can be equipped with two cleaning rolls to clean both of the machine’s rubber rolls.

This system is completely programmable from the touch screen and can be activated manually by the operator, or automatically by the vision system.

Why R.W. Hartnett

Our Rubber Roll Cleaning System is just one example of the ways we are constantly innovating and enhancing printing machines. We are always seeking new ways to make operation and maintenance easier for our customers.

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