A leader in the Pharmaceutical industry

Since 1945, R.W. Hartnett has been leading the way in manufacturing printers for the pharmaceutical industry. Our printers are recognized by some of the biggest names in pharma, because of our high quality machines and excellent customer service.

Our machines capabilities include:

  • Pharmaceutical tablet printing
  • Custom printing 
  • Soft gelatin and gelcap printing
  • Two piece Hard gelatin capsule and vegetarian capsule printing
  • Laser marking
  • Laser drilling for Osmotic-Controlled Release Oral Delivery

Pharmaceutical Tablet Printing

R.W. Hartnett offers a number of custom printing solutions for your pharmaceutical  products. Our machines are capable of printing directly on your product to identify it before it goes to the consumer.

We understand how important quality and precision are when printing on your pharmaceuticals. With that in mind, we have vision inspection systems available for all models, which inspect each printed tablet for a precise, centered mark, and reject those that are deemed unacceptable. Paired with our single tablet rejection, the system allows you to protect and maintain the integrity of your mark and your brand on your printed pharmaceuticals  while producing the highest output of the product.

We also offer our unique ink viscosity system and cleaning system that make operation and maintenance effortless.

Custom Printing

Look no further for the highest quality custom logo or trademark printers. If you have a custom logo or trademark, our team of experts can transfer that into a rotogravure printing cylinder to use for printing. That cylinder is saved on file so you can reorder exactly the same cylinder in the future.

Soft Gelatin Capsules and Gelcap Printing

Soft gelatin capsules and gel cap printing on our equipment is a breeze with our flood feeding systems. We scoop or feed capsules into the hopper and a sensor tells the machine to feed more capsules to the flood feeder. When flood feeding, it doesn’t matter which position the capsules enter the machine. The most important part is fill rate for precise and crisp print. 

Two Piece Hard Gelatin Capsules and Vegetarian Capsule Printing

Whether your printing two piece hard gelatin capsules or veggie capsules, our equipment can rectify and orient capsules at high speeds and print specifically either the cap, body or both parts of the capsule. This unique feature was invented by Hartnett engineers in the early 70’s and is still used in our equipment today.

Laser Marking

Rotogravure ink printing with editable ink has always been the traditional way of marking tablets. These days with the enhancements in technology, we’re able to equip a CO2 laser or UV laser to our machines for product identification. Using these lasers allows contactless printing and keeps things a lot clean than working with ink.

Laser Drilling

Osmotic Controlled Release Oral Drug Delivery has been playing a significant part in pharmaceuticals. With R.W. Hartnett Company’s laser drilling equipment, we’re able to detect which side of a tablet you’d like to drill and maintain all of our production speeds.




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