Pharmaceutical Tablet Printing

The R.W. Hartnett Company is the Premier Manufacturer of Printing Solutions for the Pharma Industry.

Since 1945, R.W. Hartnett has been leading the way in manufacturing printers for the pharmaceutical industry. Our printers are the highest quality available, producing a crisp and clear identifying mark on your pharmaceutical products, every time.

Our capabilities include the following:
  • Pharmaceutical tablet printing
  • Custom capsule printing
  • Soft gel or gelcap printing
  • Hard gelatin and vegetarian capsule printing
  • Laser printing
  • Laser drilling

pharmaceutical tablet printingPharmaceutical Tablet Printing

R.W. Hartnett offers a number of custom printing solutions for your pharmaceutical tablets. Our machines are capable of printing one or two-sided, depending on your needs, in whatever combination of colors you desire. We understand how important quality and precision are when printing on your pharmaceutical tablets. With that in mind, we have vision inspection systems available for all models, which inspect each printed tablet for a precise, centered mark, and reject those that are deemed unacceptable. Paired with single tablet rejection, the system allows you to protect and maintain the integrity of your mark and your brand on your printed pharmaceutical tablets, while producing the highest output of product. We also offer our unique ink viscosity system and cleaning system that make operation and maintenance effortless.

custom printed capsules

Custom Pharmaceutical Capsule Printing

Our custom capsule printing machines can mark hard gelatin or vegetarian capsules of any size. User-friendly and fully customizable, our machines have the ability to print one or two colors, on each side of your capsules. Your capsules can be custom printed to include your logo, brand name, dosage or any other identifying mark or combination of characters. Look no further for the highest quality custom capsule printers. If you would like to learn more about our pharma capsule and tablet printing capabilities, please give us a call at 215-969-9190, or fill out our contact form.