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OROS: What you should know.

What is OROS?

Osmotic Controlled-Release Oral Delivery System releases
medicine over a course of time. The resulting osmotic
pressure is used to push the active drug through the laser
drilled opening(s) in the tablet and into the
gastrointestinal tract.



We constructed a case study over a time period of 6 minutes to compare the differences between OROS vs NON OROS tablets.

In this example the drilled pill dissolved before the undrilled pill  


Click play to see our OROS experiment


OROS tablet dissolves faster in the stomach than the NON OROS tablet.


OROS Overview

R.W.Hartnett Company manufactures laser drilling machines for Osmotic Controlled Release Oral Delivery System. We pride ourselves on designing the best machines for our customers producing OROS tablets. One of our machines that can handle OROS is our Lab Laser Machine. The Lab Laser is designed to laser drill the outer coating of various size tablets, caplets shapes or canisters (LCT’s). 

Lab Laser Machines can drill the following:

Smallest to Largest

Lab Laser

To learn more about the Lab Laser click the link below.